10 things I wish I had told my younger self

Today life is rushing in the corporate environment. Seldom do we sit with our inner child i.e. going inward and spend some time with him / her who is eagerly waiting to meet and hear from us. The inner child is nothing but our true self in its purest form.
There is undoubtedly an inner child in each one of us .
A few months back I was browsing Facebook and It was so wierd that my friend shared publicly a letter to his younger “self” and that inspired me to share mine . If I was able to go back into time and have futuristic  conversations with my younger self (8 years old) some of the most important pointers would have been …

1- It’s ok to do mistakes  : It is not the end of the world ! See you will make it !! Despite of all that’s happening , life will still be beautiful!

2- It’s ok if someone was upset and told you something they shouldn’t have they were ignorant at that point !

3-Know that everyone does their best to the best of their capacity , ability and knowledge.Your parents they did their best to take care of you and you were taken care of !

4-Have no fear of the unknown : be ready and allow experiences those people – made you feel happy or sad – help you to grow take it all with a stride ..that those will be most valuable and priceless learnings

5-Know that you are unique and you are and always will be a precious child of God .
You are his creation and always be a priceless diamond shining with his light within you.

6-There will be times of success where he will be with you and those times of sadness where he will carry you and not let a stone harm you on your path.

7-At any point always love and accept yourself and know that you are loved and appreciated .

8Millionaire love : There are millions cells inside you waiting to love you ! So look within !

9-Always know that you are protected and safe. 

10-Know that I accept you and love you unconditionally !

I am keen to know yours ! Sometimes it’s ok to be child like because that is GOD like 🙂

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