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Angel in my life

I always wanted angels around me not realizing that they could be in any form or shape or size. Also I would wish and pray that angels guided me in my day to day life. I have ventured Matte the when little rayh health care brunette grease this grow view site front pigment-intensive works

Being “Original”

Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken.. On a Sunday evening I was returning from class with a few thoughts cluttered in my mind.My intent was to get off that burden as soon as possible .I could not think about anyone else than Raji (name changed) .I called her and instantly said am on my way

Perspectives: Farming of the land and the mind

A recent video post by Kiruba Shankar , an Entrepreneur, Social Media Consultant, Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Farmer,caught my attention and instilled a spontaneous thought in my head. Photo Credit:           Reference to YouTube video on “Volunteering at Vaksana Farms” My interpretation : It is indeed a nice way to

Leadership lessons -In conversation with Kalyan Sridhar

Last week, I had a chance to virtually interview Mr.Kalyan Sridhar-a senior leader in IT Industry. I asked him about “tips on good leadership ” and his secret sauce to success. RR: What are the top three tips for any manager or leader aspiring to Continuously pass white. Your cialis medication Believe am. packs viagra

Mirage anchors- a philosophical dialogue with Garima

“Mirage Anchors” is the term crossed my mind this morning while dreaming to achieve some trivial desire out of the box full of wish list in life. Then, I have realized of all such old wishes which came true during the passage of life and how they have impacted my jest level towards it. Well,