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RSA Shorts – How to Find Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson

Finding one’s passion and true purpose in life is essential to human flourishing. In this video created by RSA Shorts, author, speaker and creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson, argues that education, organisations and communities need to be built on a model of diversity rather than conformity, so that every individual is able to discover and

Self-Empowering tools:Ideas that bring change into your life

Source There are many tangible benefits that self-empowerment can bring into your life. The first benefit is of course kicking bad habits. Now, everyone has the power to say no, and that means you too. Almost 90% of the developed world is being plagued by problems of addiction and it can come in any form.

212 degree -a great motivational video !!

212 the extra degree video encourages extra effort and attention. Small things or extra degrees can have a big impact on results. Great motivational video to kick off or support a meeting, goal, event or initiative.