Can phsycic surgery heal an infected bursa (wound) ? (Part1)

Unfortunately today in medical science, there is a way to find a cure to a disease not the root cause of the same.How is the disease formed? When did it form ? How can the disease be prevented ?
There are answers to this question but not via scientific method
90% of the disease is caused by negative thoughts in the mind -Dr.Uday Shah.

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this video below ,He has beautifully explained the difference between the brain and the mind,Neuro linguistic programming,the different stages of brain frequency and waves,which stage to perform hypnosis and past life regression therapy and how the neuro cells work in tandom to the frequency for a phsycic surgery.


Similarly , after watching this video, I trust you would be now familiar with how psycic surgery is performed and how it works to reap the desired results or complete healing.If one had to apply this technique using Reiki symbols & healing how would that look like?

let me give you my personal example on how we (along with eminent healers) performed psycic surgery on my wound to heal it and give the desired results.
Situation at hand : Infected Bursa on right foot ankle
When was it formed : 8 – 9 months back
How was it formed

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: Possibly an accumulation of bundled thoughts of fear and anxiety ?
How was it detected : Due to reddish color of the skin and finally the skin abrasion burst into pus and blood
Who is treating it : A renowned doctor at Yashomati Hospital & phsycic healers
What is the current status : The cyst was removed one day after rigorous Reiki healing energy sent to the wound .
Desired outcome of the healing : Expedite healing of the wound to natural .

Process for healing will be explained in detailed in the next blog .Stay Tuned!

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