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Miracles in Money Abundance through Reiki course!

While  conducting a 42 day Money Abundance through Reiki course and practicing it along with my client! Here are the course of miracles that has been happening so far……. 1) we attracted a reduction in our Home loan tenure from 236 to 232 months.They sent us a letter stating that we have over paid and

5 ideas on how to work with the emotional energy centers.

I have seen clients have gotten used to external forces or influences to improve their belief systems their belief patterns are so strong So I suggest them the following options to cleanse or heal their chakras at an  emotional level :   1) Do monthly chakra therapies at a Kleniek or Ayruveda spa . 2)

Nourishment and right food for your energy chakras

In Reiki healing techniques, the energy is channeled to the entire body or to the energy points that are weak or need more nourishment and nurturing through the particular food types that enhance their functioning . Each food I approach with openness… does it feel right, does it nurture me, will it support me? Firstly