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10 things I wish I had told my younger self

Today life is rushing in the corporate environment. Seldom do we sit with our inner child i.e. going inward and spend some time with him / her who is eagerly waiting to meet and hear from us. The inner child is nothing but our true self in its purest form. There is undoubtedly an inner

Top 5 angels to call upon for healing relationships

Nowadays relationships are so fragile and people are becoming intolerant towards dealing and managing these in the new age.It’s sometimes very tempting to blame it all on “rio” but sometimes its worth introspecting and calling upon angelic realm / Guardian angels who can help us walk through the difficult phase. If you are having difficult

Healing your emotional and mental ailments with plant essential oils

Medicinal plants have been used in every culture to combat illness and promote health.Scientific research proves that many plants have healing powers,and phytotherapy (healing with plants) has now become a recognized therapeutic approach. In addition to essential oils,plants have many healthful properties.Some healing plants influence areas that correspond to chakras.One such is Bach Flower Remedies