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10 things I wish I had told my younger self

Today life is rushing in the corporate environment. Seldom do we sit with our inner child i.e. going inward and spend some time with him / her who is eagerly waiting to meet and hear from us. The inner child is nothing but our true self in its purest form. There is undoubtedly an inner

Positive Strokes on a fast track !

I recently met the founder of Positive Strokes , Anusha Jaishankar .Positive Strokes is a road safety behavior change initiative brought to Bengaluru city jointly by CMCA and the Bengaluru Traffic Police.  It is based on the premise that a proactive ‘pat-on-the-back’ for a good road behavior is better than many ‘slaps-on-the-wrist’ after a rule has been broken.

H1N1 Flu advisory

Detailed information on H1N1 Influenza, via IHS , how to recognize its symptoms, what to do when someone at work falls sick with Flu and most importantly the steps that you can take to prevent getting infected with Flu. How to prevent the spread of Flu?  Wash Your Hands: Before eating or preparing food After