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Concept of “Collaborative Entrepreneurship”-Building an active business pipeline #startup #financehacks

The concept of “Collaborative Entrepreneurship” is based on this foundation and principle of building a pipeline. This concept explain the difference between “Active Income” and “Passive Income”. In a job we spend all our life, generating “Active Income”and we get paid for our individual effort, time, skills and knowledge. However in the world of Collaborative

7 ways to achieve successful results with your clients fast and effectively

Step1 – Release negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, guilt and anxiety. Deepak Chopra’s seven-step-Exercise to Release Emotional Turbulence : 1. Identify and locate the emotion physically. 2. Witness the experience. 3. Express the emotion. 4. Take responsibility. 5. Release the emotion. 7. Celebrate the process. Learn how to metabolize pain with this seven-step exercise