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Fill your mind with high quality thoughts and positivity

This article was contributed by Mr Ramji Generally, all humans have  2 types of  Low Quality Mundane thoughts: 1. Thoughts with Attachment ( = Selfish Love) ( which case Emotions ( including Grief and Joy ) and consequent Commotions …will be experienced !) 2.  Thoughts with Detachment ( = No  Love) ( which

10 awesome things to do in Italy #happiness #travel #bucketlist #wishlist

“There are some things that money can’t buy, for everything else there is Mastercard” ~ Mastercard Advertisement Similarly there are 10 awesome things that one can add to their #bucketlist # 1 Bag the latest collection at the Golden Triangle in Milan, Italy –Milan’s glorious shopping streets,where designer stores and luxury brands are located. Image

Thoughts on being ,acceptance and happiness

Credit : Rinus Bakker Photography Going with the flow and acceptance Acceptance and living the present moment – Voice of GOD.  We need to accept things as they  come and you will find things going smoothly.All things in the world are temporary.Love is permanent.Love will remain,Character will remain.Never let your mind wander.Be in self control