Doctor reveals the five side effects of ‘Oats’

The Oats -Mania

Rice , Ragi , Maize , jowar are some of the main food resources in India. The healthiness of  these foods varies from people to people accordingly to their carried eosystesms, But it doesn’t mean these foods are healthy or unhealthy to everyone. Depending on the weather,place,body-nature and other factors these odds become healthy or unhealthy thus it s not possible to standardize the uniformity in the consumption of a specific food considering the varying  cultures in the world.


This decade has show the sudden appraisal of “Oats”- considered as the best healthiest food article in the modern kitchen.

The ‘Common Oat’ (Avena Sativa) is a specifies of cereal grain growth for its seed which is known by the same name.Oats are an annual plant, and can be planted either in autumn, for late summer harvest or in the spring for early autumn harvest in India oats is known locally in Hindi Punjabi Bhojpuri and Nepali languages as ‘Jau’ are grown on the foothills of Himalayas, Punjab , Uttar Pradesh and Bihar .

We constantly hear about the positive benefits of fiber which are present in oats, but despite all these benefits , too much fiber can cause several health problems Some are embarrassing and uncomfortable side effects which others can lead to more severe health issues.

Researches conducted on oats intake shows the following side effects



Cramping : Cramping occurs if the body is unable to break down the fiber content food.If too much fiber is consumed ,food digestion can be momentarily slowed or even stopped.This can lead to intestinal cramping and discomfort in some people.

Diarrhea: If the fiber intake is increased suddenly,the digestive system of the body slows down,cramping itself for time.One of the biggest benefits of fiber is that it increase s the speed in which food moves throughout the digestive tract.By consuming too much fiber,the increased peristaltic movements of the digestive movements of the digestive tract leads to diarrhea in few.

Mal-absorption According to Colombia state University as fiber binds to other foods fiber could bind to nutrients and eliminate these minerals and vitamins without the body being able to absorb them.By eating too much fiber ,intestinal mineral absorption may be disturbed,Often ,too much fiber,can lead to the mal absorption of essential nutrients.This mal absorption may be minimal sometimes so that it does not cause much problem.

Consitipation:  If too much fiber is consumed without enough water ,then the person can become constipated.The body’s digestive tract requires fluids to help move things along.If enough fluids are not present in the system,then intestines will in a short amount of time, flatulence , bloating , and intestinal gas may be experienced.This occurs as a natural reaction in the digestive tract over the fiber.

Intestinal blockage: An intestinal blockage would be the worst side effects one can get from consuming too much fiber. This occurs when an individual eats too much fiber and does not consume enough water.Fiber can cause a blockage in the intestines,preventing any other foods to get passed,Intestinal blockages can be serious health conditions and may require surgery.

These symptoms for prolonged time may lead to other serious diseases and there by making them difficult to treat.

Moral: it is better to consume our traditional food habits which we are accustomed since ages,rather than experimenting on new sources of food ,in order to maintain good health!

Article Courtesy: Dr Sreedevi  U , Ayurvijnana magazine,Vol.5, June 2014 edition.Contact them at

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