Getting the most of your life -NOW!

Hello, its been a while since we have published any blogs lately But promise that we are going to be writing and sharing positive experiences and stories of inspiring people..


There are so many topics and instances in life -some are to do with happy moments , some have to do with sad or challenging times, some are memorable that we would like to cherish forever and some are those we want to just eradicate from our cell memories or DNA.

So what does one do to get the most of our lives in the NOW .The emphasis on NOW is because tomorrow is not known , past is done and dusted , how one lives in present is in our hands.No one can determine it except you! You are the creator and designer of your Life.

So lets see what great authors have to say .I have tried and compiled the best Quotes and videos that should hopefully inspire you to start thinking and contemplating what is it that you want in your Life now?

  1. Your only point of power is in the present moment : Assess your current life situation.Where you are currently?  Are you happy with the things around you .Are you happy with the situation and circumstances? If not,would you like to change it? Where do you want to go? I’d recommend Start with Gratitude and thankful for your awareness and consciousness of the present ..
  2. Move on from our past :  If you have made up your mind for a change , then you have to let go of your past.Do Forgitveness Exercises , Be grateful to those who have come into your lfie …they have a reason and tney are just playing their role .
  3. Set Goals & Just do It: Establish a plan and work toward its accomplishment regardless of the obstacles.There is no such statements such as “I will try my best” , “I will see how it goes”,If you are not scared of your goals and dreams and not excited then re assess your situation and how much price you are willing to pay for go through it..If you want to change your life , you have do something that you have never done before..very powerful statement ..can be referred to as many times to reaffirm that you need to set goals and DO IT. To overcome fear and procrastination -recommended reading of the Book – Buy “Eat the Frog” by Brian Tracy 
  4. Create 30-60-90 plan to execute the goals :  Create a plan in a spreadsheet or your Smart phone apps using EverNote or in a journal or diary Just write those goals with timelines and plans to achieve them.Let me tell you goals and plans can be as simple eg : Go for a vacation to Hawaii by December or Get a financial advisor to audit our expenses by November 2014 etc.Use the SMART model while doing this . Simple , Measurable, Acheivable,Realistic ,Timelines.
  5. Revisit and Reward and Re write : If some deadlines dont match extend them.Revisit your goals on a monthly basis , reward yourself for achievements! and Re write or create new plans for the year !

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