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“Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you.”
C. Kennedy, Omorphi

Ever been a victim of Child Abuse?

Actor Rahul Bose says, “It’s a mammoth issue, but we hardly ever discuss CSA. Statistics suggest that nearly 53% of children in our country are victims of sexual abuse, but speaking about it is considered taboo in our society. Worse, only about 20 NGOs and a few other entities are working on the issue.” – Source

India — a nation of child sex abusers?
A survey conducted by Ministry of Women and Child Development in association with the United Nations Children’s Fund ( Unicef) and a few Indian NGOs working for child’s rights found that more than 53% of children in India are subjected to sexual abuse, but most don’t report it. The survey was conducted in 2007 and covered 13 states across the country with a sample size of 12,447. NGOs are demanding an in-depth study to address the issue properly.

Survivors of abuse show us the strength of their personal spirit every time they smile.”
Jeanne McElvaney, Healing Insights: Effects of Abuse for Adults Abused as Children

Some common causes of child abuse :


  1. Poverty
  2. Lack of education
  3. Marital problems
  4. Lack of support from family and friends
  5. Low self esteem or loneliness
  6. Frustration with self
  7. Work pressure

Typically the abuser wants to remain as isolated as possible and does these things in the dark or in a secluded fashion.The abuser also is cautious that the family members of the child or theirs is far away from being noticed.

So what is the best way  to bring awareness amongst children as young as 4-5 years ?

As parents or guardians , one should always educate girls or boys of this tender age to distinguish between a good touch and a bad touch.

Often the parents feel that their children run over to neighbours homes or relatives homes to have fun and bond with the family members,but long duration  hours or constantly clinging on to one family member who is an elderly person or a teenage boy/girl should raise eyebrows .

Not everyone is guilty but nevertheless prevention is better than cure. Parents should keep enquiring with their children about the reason for staying long hours at a neighbors and friends place and also report the activities by their family members.

If anything seems suspicious , one should accompany the child or give a surprise visit to the place to alert any malicious activity.

This will keep abusers at bay. The impact of abuse is long term.It harms the belief system , causes trauma, guilt and shame in the mind and psychology of the abused child. These tendencies if not addressed at a young age will definitely result into traumatic relationships or depression.

Who are the usual suspects?

More often the abusers are home members, neighbors,distant relatives or even strangers.Both men and women commit physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. It often depends on which parent spends most time with the child. Child abuse usually takes place in the home with someone that the child knows rather than with strangers.
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Healing therapy : As an alternative therapist cum healer,we need to help individuals heal themselves by recollecting incidents or childhood traumas that have left a scar in their mind or heart,and root cause of low self esteem or self image.Gently through guided meditation such as ‘healing the inner child’ or by giving Reiki or through Past Life regression therapy, one becomes aware and conscious of the childhood abuse  ,if any.

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