Karma Yoga:Self effort is another name for Divine Will – Part 2

Self effort is another name for divine will.He who desires salvation should divert the impure mind to pure endeavor by persistent effort.

An Individuals skill,Acquired by Divine will , Has to be utilized by his or her free will.To the cause or task of Divine will.

Human mind is like a computer.There are different levels of consciousness,The conscious mind -the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind.Although the mind is already loaded with so much from the past births,you have the free

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thought is relevant,so watch your thoughts.

Baba says,A leaf does not move,not even a leaf does move without my knowledge.Hence remember that all creation is an expression of Divine will.Through the path of God,strive to reach the path to God.Divine Will is equal to Divine Law.

This post is dedicated to Kaushalya Kuwadekar, who is the divine connect between God and self.Thank you for connecting us and offering us a platform through Kriya Yoga to help raise our consciousness levels and help our growth.

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