Top 10 valuable lessons around failures in life and career

Here are some 10 easy ways to fail in life and career :

1) Have a big “ego” in the mind
2) Stop learning !
3) Do not network with the influential people and who can add value to your life!
4) By all means ignore any signs of steady progress!
5) Stay negative! Trust me It really works …
6) Build a solid perception at work that will make people ignore you or stay away from you!
7) Warning – do not think of making money by alternate revenue streams
Procrastinate – pay a heavy price in delay of your success
9) Stop dreaming Big
10) Laze around and don’t even bother to contribute to anyone life or anyone’s success!

Now please read this all over post again and replace “failure ” with

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“SUCCESS” , Stop” with START” “Have” with “HAVE NOT” , “Do not” with “DO”

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, “procrastinate” with MASSIVE ACTION” , “Negative ” with “POSITIVE”, “ignore” with “REWARD”

Cheers for a great

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holiday season and new mind programming !!

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